In Christ Alone

Our church is doing this modern day anthem for our contemporary music leader who is taking necessary time off for her health.  She requested this piece for her farewell reception.

She must share my love of this anthem.  I am grateful for the chance to sing it.  I have loved its message from the first day I heard it.  Now when times are so uncertain for this sinful world, it sums up what I have been thinking about for the past few months – that is what God really wants of us.  How we should view Him and why we might want to include Him in our lives.

This particular arrangement that we will sing is the most beautiful I have heard.  Normally I just get goosebumps.  As I started to practice, I could not get through the song without breaking down.  I tried several times before giving up and taking a break.

I'm sure I will settle down and do the kind of job God expects me to.  However, this experience has left me with a burning wish to know why God was trying to reach me.  What is His message?  Perhaps it is to have unwavering faith in Him – to have the courage to re-dedicate my life to Him.  The courage to face the persecution to come?

At any rate, I would like to share it with you.  After some research, I found the music we are using on the Internet, complete with sample recording.  Click here for the publisher's page.  Then click on, "1. Audio preview, full-length" to hear the full anthem.

Some more information on the anthem:  It was composed by Stuart Townend and Keith Getty.  The arrangement we are using, illustrated above by the preview, is by Camp Kirkland.  You my find more info on Wikipedia.  Here are a couple of YouTube videos that might interest you:

First, a YouTube performance by one of the composers and his wife:

Here is one with the words displayed, in case you couldn't make them out from listening, in a bit more Celtic arrangement:


My favorite recording still is the sample, above, we are using to rehearse, but you can make up your own mind.

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