Ten Commandments

I have heard other people ask if the Ten Commandments of God still are relevant in today's society.  Over the years, I have become more prone to ask that question of myself and to pray about it.  Other people have asked if God cares what political party we are in.  There most certainly are good, Godly people in both major political parties in this country – and some minor ones.

My mind still comes back to the Ten Commandments – to some the most concise summarization of God's laws other than the Golden Rule.  So, I have written about them.  I know not all of you will agree with me.  If you do, and you feel strongly that I am on the right track, please feel free to send a link to this to as many people as you wish.  I have the copyright notice there only to guard against misuse of the document, not ever to charge for it.

If you do not agree, you certainly may leave this page with my blessings.  However, if it starts you thinking, I think it is good for us to consider the Ten Commandments – if and how they are relevant not only to our personal life but to our public life as well.  Also, please feel free to comment.  This is what I believe after giving the matter much thought.  I want to get at the truth – God's truth.

Are you interested?  Please click here for a PDF copy of the essay.

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PS:  You will understand this comment better if you have read the essay, specifically about the Eighth Commandmend ("Thou shalt not steal").  Most taxes I know of confiscate property from individuals or corporations – specifically income, estate, and property taxes.  The closest kind of tax I am aware of to complying with this commandment is a true consumption tax (not a value added tax).  Proponents are suggesting something called a "Fair Tax®".  It not only complies with this commandment, it eliminates the IRS and minimizes the opportunity for the government (at any level) to manipulate behavior.  Interested?  Take a look at this: