Agenda 21

Do you like living in  the suburbs?  In the country?  Better enjoy it while it lasts.  Want your children to enjoy the same space you have?  Don't count on it.

Welcome to United Nations Agenda 21.  Oh, gee, I did have a link from that phrase to the actual UN website, with their definition of Agenda 21.  That page no longer is there.  Now the UN has a Sustainability Page, but no reference to "Legislative Agenda 21".  That's strange!   Seems it reflects the same trend at the local level:

You will never hear them connected to Agenda 21, but you can see Agenda 21's footprints on such things as Mayor Suttle's Transportation Plan, in many MAPA initiatives, and elswhere in Omaha's Master Plan. – especially in the Environment Element.  What is Agenda 21?  It is, "The Agenda for the 21st Century Sustainable Development", according to Rosa Koire, author of Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21.

For example, listen to this exchange between Scott Voorhees, Lucy Chapman, and Omaha City Engineer, Todd Pfitzer, on Scott's radio show.  Everything Mr. Pfitzer says seems logical – it addresses safety concerns for bicyclists,  As you listen, consider how the changes Mr. Pfitzer is in charge of implementing will impact drivers.  Later in the interview, Scott and Lucy interview Sarah Johnson, bicycling enthusiast and spokeswoman.

Don't understand what is going on?  Take a look at this page on Agenda 21, from the American Policy Center, or this article from the Wyoming Policy Institute, both explaining what Agenda 21 is, who is behind it, and the threat to freedom and prosperity – in the world, not jut our country.  If your interest is piqued, take a look at tools from Freedom Advocates and Environmental Perspectives, Incorporated, which you may use to educate yourself and others.  For a great, in-depth, explanation of Agenda 21, you may watch this full length (1 hr, 23 mins) video:


Dick Morris has a much shorter introduction (under four minutes) on his website.

Please look at all the items mentioned above.  Follow the links in this article.  Then decide if you think Agenda 21 is is "voluntary" or a threat to your liberty.  You might want to consider joining our 912 Book Club, who is reading Behind the Green Mask.  If you are interested, please e-mail me.